Center for teaching and learning services at RWTH Aachen University - the SelfAssessment (SAM)



The Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CLS) combines the strengths of five departments. One of them is the SAM team, which is responsible for the CLS activities at GUtech. The main research areas of the teaching and research department are under the direction of PD Dr. Malte Persike are the SelfAssessment Tool, educational transitions, teacher motivation, performance emotions, drop-out online learning, and cooperative forms of learning and working.

Collaboration with GUtech

In December of 2014 at the first Fact-Finding Mission of the SAM-Team in Muscat, the focus was on determining whether and in which capacity prospective students of GUtech could be assisted in their orientation and preparation for studying through the implementation of an online self-assessment. On that basis, a small project was launched (form December 2015) in order to outline the module development for the implementation of the first self-assessment tool at GUtech. Using an analysis of the requirements and demands, contents for the four main topics Mathematics, Computer Skills, interests and motivation were identified and embedded in target-group-specific task formats. These modules were tested in practical application on students of GUtech who started their studies in the year of foundation as well as on Omani schools in Muscat and subsequently optimized as a consequence. The SAM-Team modelled the design, the server-technical implementation (supply of resources, servers, hosting, etc.) and the realization of the technical platform for the self-assessment.

The self-assessment at GUtech represents the first successful international adaption of an RWTH-application by the SAM-Team. Other applications are very desirable, for example concerning study guidance and marketing.

Project Step2Future

The SelfAssessment team has the following tasks:

  • Analysis and validation of existing test equipment
  • Extension and new development of technical test scales
  • Realization of a technical platform and implementation on servers
  • Pre-testing of new developments on certain target groups
  • Qualitative usability studies
  • Culture specific feedback development
  • Statistical evaluation and validation of the tool after six months


In case of questions or suggestions please contact:

PD Dr. Malte Persike

Scientific Director of Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CLS) of RWTH Aachen University
Director of Team SelfAssessment
Phone: +49 241 80 96226