Collaboration with GUtech

Ever since GUtech was founded in 2007 in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University in Muscat, the capital of the sultanate, the development has been coordinated by RWTH Aachen University and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as well as Omani donors. The interaction of teaching activities, research and the regional economy is paramount. Employees at the participating chairs are in demand of transferring the knowledge of German engineering courses to different countries.

Former and current projects and the cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and GUtech offer great advantages for both sides. Internationalization activities are strengthened through solid cooperation of both universities and GUtech has a strong connection to Germany. Both universities also benefit from situational and cultural differences.

Future Strategies and Cooperation

The project Step2Future intensifies the 10 year partnership with GUtech constantly. In particular, GUtech will develop independently under Omani law but with a strong connection to Germany. The project is conducted in close cooperation with various institutions of RWTH Aachen University: Firstly, the operational project management is incumbent upon the Rector’s delegate for collaboration with the Arab Gulf States, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt, and his team at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL. This team coordinates the entire content of the project with their technical expertise in the fields of Quality Management and engineering as well as higher education development. Partners from other chairs of RWTH Aachen University provide assistance for different specialized areas; e. g. the International Office of RWTH Aachen University, the Rector’s delegate for Blended Learning, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heribert Nacken, and also Prof. Dr. Marold Wosnitza’s ‘’Self-Assessment-Team’’. On the Omani side, Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell, the rector of GUtech, manages most aspects.